Tweets for Today

  • 12:29 @marthastewart is on Twitter! #
  • 15:20 19 wow! RT @Mjausson: Socks, ex-First Cat, was put down because of mouth cancer today. He was 19. #
  • 17:02 "we r from Twitteronia, we connect" RT @Starzan: makes me love @THE_REAL_SHAQ more than twitter story: #
  • 17:03 @muruch thank you for all the packages! addressed to 'the goes'!!! First mail with my married name. 🙂 Can't wait to listen. #
  • 17:38 Pomodoro offering BOGO pasta on Oscar night for Take Out orders only. Mention Oscar night promo when you call & place order. #oscars #
  • 17:43 20% off everything at The Container Store til 3/1 – use code ClutterCrew online. Shopping at store? Download coupon here #
  • 17:57 @marianiles you've had 2 hurricanes and can still tweet – that's impressive. #
  • 18:13 @marianiles last i was there you got a large glass & then a 'to-go' cup so you could drink on the street. #
  • 18:20 watching @calilewis explain tweetdeck – she'll see this in the Replies column b/c that's the magic of Tweetdeck! #
  • 18:28 @FaerieKissed have fav uncle help pick up toys. 😉 #
  • 18:31 @QueenofSpain usually they would sell them, but can't because of economy/gas prices. Recently rented SUV with 40k miles on it & looked it. #
  • 18:36 @JessicaGottlieb have your seen the shoes @marthastewart wears on her show? Not sensible. #
  • 18:40 RT @frogtosser: New special at Denny's in honor of OctoMom. 14 eggs, no sausage & charge it to the guy sitting next to you. #
  • 23:26 @tirana what's in Goleta? #

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