Tweets for Today

  • 04:01 Into Lego? Check out #
  • 11:53 @gwenbell we opted for confidential marriage license so didn't even need a witness. Worked for us. Celebrating 1 month today. #
  • 14:49 @ljc This lotion from Kiehls is great for tired/sore feet: – they are in the Caesar's palace mall across from Vosges. #
  • 15:57 @MuchoJusto this way no one could feel like they were singled out. #
  • 17:23 @charlottegeary glad to hear your ankle is doing better. #
  • 17:54 @QueenofSpain beyond Texas? #
  • 18:01 @QueenofSpain Wow! That should be quite an adventure. Wear pink and have fun! #
  • 18:06 @QueenofSpain I think Ken is out of the picture. Can't remember who she is with now. #
  • 20:39 @withinwithout oh no! hope you find it. #
  • 20:48 @QueenofSpain to teach it or tweet it? #
  • 20:51 @QueenofSpain LOL! You should go and Tweet it and teach them a thing or three. πŸ˜‰ #
  • 21:09 @coebooth go here and enter your zip code – they'll help you find a brownie. πŸ™‚ #
  • 21:18 @coebooth and on Friday they will add the booth locator. Right now if in your area, enter email and they will get back to you. #
  • 21:41 @withinwithout yay! guess 3rd time is a charm. πŸ™‚ Enjoy Seattle. #
  • 22:07 @QueenofSpain an old tire and some rope. πŸ™‚ #
  • 23:24 look who has joined Twitter: @abc7weather. Dallas! Dallas! #
  • 23:26 @onetake who? Dallas! Dallas! #
  • 23:27 The Twitter Happiness score for godotchris is: 537. #

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