Tweets for Today

  • 12:22 @ljc I was amazed how quickly my feet felt better. Hope your feet feel back to normal soon too. #
  • 12:23 @onetake awww, are you worried I'd try and sell you, husband of mine? Hmmm…or maybe it is giving you ideas. 😉 #
  • 12:38 @tencentwings who knew you could get into so much trouble with a camera. 😉 #
  • 12:44 Miette, home of best cupcakes & brownies has another location: 2109 Chestnut St @ Steiner St SF (415-359-0628). via daily candy. #
  • 14:35 @bmccabewv what is a Barbie interview? Like the doll? #
  • 14:42 @vromans I think Tweetdeck is having some issues. Also you can change your settings to set time period for updates. #
  • 14:49 @QueenofSpain wonder how these kids fare in college where any bio 101 course has evolution chapter. #
  • 14:51 @vromans my status has said "twitter not available" a few times over last 2 days. Found restarting it worked. Think something is up though. #
  • 17:54 RT @onetake: RT @themediaisdying: Fedex Office lets customers print 25 free resumes on high-quality paper on March 10th. #
  • 17:55 @madlolscientist think you may be correct – not 100% sure of the details. #
  • 19:07 @tencentwings as a kid, shamrock shake meant my birthday was coming. #
  • 21:15 @CyprianoHawaii Congrats & enjoy. We just celebrated our first month yesterday at a Thai restaurant called Song, which means "two" in Thai. #
  • 21:55 @QueenofSpain a Barbie party sounds like a must – all wear pink, pink cake, pink food, pink balloons. #
  • 22:03 @QueenofSpain in that case, I'd hire @secretagentjo to throw a puppet party: and #
  • 22:09 @QueenofSpain didn't but even so, I'd see if you can get @secretagentjo to do it for hire. She's in the OC. #
  • 22:47 gmail brought back the bold – yay! #
  • 22:57 @thinkblue for new messages it seemed as though sender info was not bold for unread messages, although subject and time were. Now all are. #
  • 23:03 @QueenofSpain told my friend in Colorado today that LA news usually mentions the Dow dropping after the car chase. #
  • 23:06 @ljc my husband once brought me a sandwich ™ from Genova Deli in Oakland on a plane to Chicago when we lived there. Carried on board. #
  • 23:14 at least it wasn't Dr. Oz RT @English_News: Obama Administration: CNN's Dr. Gupta ends surgeon general candidacy #
  • 00:20 @tostina good for you! #
  • 00:41 @SashaKane there are some great shrimp dumplings to be had in LA County. #

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