12:09 On the 3rd day

  • 12:09 On the 3rd day of the #12Days of Wishing … For $20US/$25Canadian get 1lb of Christmas Blend and a $10 @Starbucks Card. #
  • 12:19 @solcita feet pain is among the worst. you forget how much you use them. hope you feel better soon. #
  • 15:17 RT @hardlynormal: PLEASE PPL! when giving to food drive don't give CRAP! Think FAMILES! Yes, we just p/u a bunch of this post.ly/EAF1 #
  • 15:18 RT @abc7newsBayArea: BREAKING: Italian jury convicts Amer student Amanda Knox of murdering her roommate, gets 26 years. bit.ly/4Hcm1N #
  • 15:35 @StealthWarp i am also sure some people like sardines – but probably not kids. Maybe peanut butter or canned spaghetti. #
  • 15:42 RT @undomesticdiva: You have *all* weekend to enter – Starbucks giveaway, children not included. Yet. tinyurl.com/yclvqdk #
  • 23:13 @dave_blogworld that looks amazing! #
  • 23:56 @Mjausson mail is sometimes more important than we give it credit for. hope it arrives safely! #

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