15:02 The last day of

  • 15:02 The last day of the #12days of Wishing is a really good deal: Get 1lb of Christmas Blend @Starbucks for $7.95US & 25% off in Canada. #
  • 15:38 let's get john melloncamp to quit smoking: bit.ly/5wsYsN (almost 1/4 there) #
  • 15:39 @mixtape_ lol! sometimes @onetake & I tweet to each other in the same room. #
  • 16:14 @Chef_Jay I heard it was cupcake day – really just lemon? #
  • 16:42 @Chef_Jay okay then – lemon cupcakes it is! They are celebrating over @cupc akejonespdx. That's how I heard about it. #
  • 17:21 house smells like bread. @onetake is baking off the dough that barely rose. #
  • 17:54 get 15% off & free shipping at Levenger – extended to 12/13. Use Code Unique9: bit.ly/16PqyA #
  • 19:00 @suebob or so you can still bring home milk after you bought those expensive pharmaceuticals. 😉 #
  • 19:11 @jspepper UPS recently delivered a package to a wrong address 3 miles away. It was sent from a UPS store. #
  • 19:16 @tencentwings happy for you! #
  • 19:58 @jspepper they did get it back to us – it took another 24 hours. #
  • 20:06 @TeresaKopec one of the great features of Tivo is that you can pick your favorite actors. It will record shows + when they are on talkshows. #
  • 21:06 RT @hardlynormal: A Jewish man donated $6k so our homeless friends can eat steak at Winter Shelter on Christmas Eve! I LOVE IT! #
  • 21:53 @megfowler mine is set up so maiden name is searchable, but doesn't show up in my profile. #
  • 21:55 Facebook seems to have forgotten what social means. Now you can see public updates, but can't comment on them. What is the point? #
  • 22:02 @QueenofSpain party on dude! (oh wait, wrong geek movie reference) #
  • 22:18 RT @Mamacita: Christmas music makes me feel as though I've re-discovered Hope at the bottom of the box. #
  • 23:58 darn! i could have just sent bkholiday cards. what is wrong with me?!! #
  • 00:08 Some Californians becoming homeless as EDD fails to send out unemployment checks bit.ly/74AFa Y <—OMG READ THIS (ht @abales) #

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