10:06 Celebrate National Chocolate Cake

  • 10:06 Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day! The first 50 people to whisper “rich” at each @Sprinkles receive a free dark chocolate cupcake! #
  • 10:07 RT @onetake: If you follow @goDOTchris you probably know that she loves Disneyland. This was a bit much though twitpic.com/100ufe #
  • 10:08 @Bohemi_anna i do believe they currently have their own 'reality' tv show – it's how an unemployed mother of 14 survives these days. #
  • 10:09 hey Chef_Jay did you know it's National Chocolate Cake Day? At least that's what my BFF @sprinkles says. #
  • 10:27 chicago peeps! West Elm is opening in LP. You can enter to win $2k shopping spree via dailycandy: bit.ly/clqQW5 #
  • 10:42 Sprinkles will open in Chicago this spring! Send your email address to eat@sprinkles.com to be added to Grand Opening invite list! #
  • 11:51 $44 Trader Joe gift cards up for grabs in superbowl photo contest: bit.ly/d8XZPI (it's a pdf) #
  • 11:52 RT @KPCC: Elizabeth Gilbert says was effectively sentenced to get married by dept of homeland security @KPCCairtalk: bit.ly/9a33i7 #
  • 11:55 wow! Chicago's famous July 3rd fireworks show to b e cancelled. How sad. I used to be able to watch from my apt. #
  • 11:55 And yes, for some reason I am feeling very Chicago today. #
  • 11:56 RT @KPCC: Gilbert says marriage brings all sorts of priviledges to couples, including automatic respect. @KPCCairtalk: bit.ly/9a33i7 #
  • 12:20 @eyeshutter we hadn't been in over 20 years – then we discovered the annual pass. free parking too. #
  • 12:28 RT @AngryJulie: RT @ijustine: twitpic.com/101miq – OMG!!! touching the ipad!!!! Look at it!!! #< /a>
  • 12:33 @Mjausson isn't that something your landlord should do? we just replaced ours for tenant a few months ago. #
  • 12:38 RT @Chef_Jay: Saturday is National Croissant Day! I remember when people couldn't pronounce "croissant", did that just show my age? #
  • 13:22 @onetake LOL! I thought exactly the same thing. 😉 #
  • 15:28 RT @grec Williams-Sonoma CEO retires bit.ly/d8I14M [Howard Lester had long haul at WS. Built it from 4 stores. Genuine good guy too.] #
  • 18:01 @Mi chaelMidnight dirty is not in the plan. #
  • 18:02 @FreshNEasyBuzz sorry – was trying to get rid of 20 characters quickly. #
  • 18:29 @tencentwings there seems to be a lot of standing. No boos that I have heard so far. #
  • 18:32 2nd place? is he aware where US places in healthcare (and education for that matter)? #sotu #
  • 18:33 RT @mikemadden Speech wd be more popular if Obama invited a Goldman Sachs banker to sit w/Michelle, then had her throw him over railing. #
  • 18:34 @TeresaKopec that is hilarious. #
  • 18:35 @ladyspeaker I was thinking the same thing. Good thing they all have health insurance. #sotu #
  • 18:44 @tencentwings this is just a big dog & pony show. most of what he is saying are ideas, not reality. #
  • 20:03 RT @KPCCairtalk: Evaluate President Obama's State of the Union address NOW on @KPCCairtalk page bit.ly/cFsFC5 #sotu #

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