04:06 Shattered – new @blipfoto

  • 04:06 Shattered – new @blipfoto journal entry – bit.ly/cQWZWH (via @JuliaLampam)nice shot. #
  • 04:17 RT @EnJOYPEACE: "For fast acting relief, try slowing down." Lily Tomlin (via @MARCOME) #
  • 04:49 Beyond Twitter: An App That Lets You Truly See City nyti.ms/ac1HAT NYT article about Foursquare w my favorite @rshotel (via @dmscott) #
  • 05:02 I never met a dog I did not like. They are the ultimate comfort, and my idea of pure joy. (via @crestcafesd) #
  • 05:13 @nprscottsimon tea is great. My irish great -grandmother introduced me to Red Rose. It remains my favorite. #
  • 05:39 @FaerieKissed I'm in bed, plugged into my iPod. Failed in falling asleep. Will pay later to be sure. #
  • 05:47 Today is National Cherry Pie Day! (via @Chef_Jay) #
  • 05:51 Maintain permalinks moving from Blogger to WP – Migration is never a walk in the park,… tumblr.com/xbo6mgdz4 (via @chilihead) #
  • 06:01 Times have changed:author of memo that led to waterboarding &other tortures now teaches at Berkeley s.nyt.com/u/BNI (via @JohnAByrne) #
  • 06:29 @tostina congrats on 20 years at Kodak! Enjoy your vacation. 🙂 #
  • 06:30 @Lotay spring #
  • 06:53 Cat the Cat Tour the Tour! See Mo Willems in LA tomorrow! ow.ly/W0EU (via @The_Pigeon) I'll be there with @onetake. #
  • 12:49 Bread 101 class. Hope this helps. yfrog.com/3nwp4dj #
  • 12:50 @tostina follow @thepigeon. He'll tell you where Mo is. #< /li>
  • 13:35 You should see the MINI cinnamon rolls. In Texas, maybe. yfrog.com/3nc33jj #
  • 13:58 Best tip: when making bread, add salt last. It can kill yeast. Might be my issue. #
  • 15:16 5 of 5 stars to Family History by Dani Shapiro – bit.ly/bNuGGM #
  • 15:16 I want to read: Devotion by Dani Shapiro – bit.ly/bQbH4Y #
  • 00:19 Awesome night surrounded by authors & lovers of children's books. Got big bag of books. Some of them might have your name on them. #
  • 01:1 7 Pigeon rides the subway tinyurl.com/yfbvyk6 (via @GuyKawasaki) cc @the_pigeon #

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