13:23 I’m at Vroman’s Bookstore

  • 13:23 I'm at Vroman's Bookstore (695 E. Colorado Blvd., btw El Molino & Oak Knoll, Pasadena). 4sq.com/7Ubwft #
  • 14:06 Waiting for the_pigeon. Full house for Mo Willems @Vromans . #
  • 16:05 "I bet people can actually die of embarrassment. I bet it's been medically proven." #mscl (via @muruch) love this! #
  • 16:05 "What I, like, dread is when people who know you in completely different ways end up in the same area." #mscl (via @muruch) any fans? #
  • 16:07 Today learned there will be 3rd Knuffle Bunny book. It will conclude series. Excited & sad. Out this fall. #
  • 16:08 Thanks to @Vromans for great event today with @the_pigeon. Great send off for @patrickrbrown. Oh & bunnies!!! #
  • 16:34 Why yes, that is a cinnamon bun on my supper plate. At the Grand Orange. Chicken, picnic style. yfrog.com/3g8mtaj #
  • 17:36 I'm at Starbucks (117 W Colorado Blvd, Pasadena). 4sq.com/8vEGKH #
  • 17:40 @QueenofSpain there is a unicorn on the 5?!! #
  • 17:41 @QueenofSpain also have you seen But tercup? She is new unicorn character in Toy Story 3. #
  • 17:52 Learned that friend's husband is back in hospital. Unclear what is wrong. Please send good thoughts & prayers if so inclined. Thanks. #
  • 21:30 Happy Birthday @cifip ! Hope it's a good one. #
  • 21:32 @DanPortnoy sounds like a blast! #
  • 23:10 @Chef_Jay thanks for the heads up. Have some browning bananas on the counter right now. #
  • 23:15 @Chef_Jay even better! #
  • 23:15 RT @Chef_Jay: Tuesday is National Banana Bread Day! Now you know what to do with all of your over-ripe bananas… #
  • 23:18 making canele's tomorrow. well, the batter any way. needs to rest 24 hours. Ooo la la. #
  • 23:21 here comes the rain again…. #

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