11:45 See stars at Sprinkles!

  • 11:45 See stars at Sprinkles! The first 25 people to whisper "milky way" at each Sprinkles receive a free milk chocolate cupcake! #
  • 11:46 @canele I had that same thought. The English is pretty bad on the box. It's in several languages. Hmmm. #
  • 11:54 RT @postsecret: Lincoln Museum in Springfield, IL truly brings story to life. Better museum than many I have visited in DC. Go if you can. #
  • 13:43 At Cha Cha's with the blog crush gang. #
  • 14:17 Lunch at Cha Cha's in Brea. They have a Swedish chef. Really. #
  • 17:07 @canele reread box – states use of pan will effect the convection of the heat. I am trying again directly on rack, pouring batter into oven. #
  • 17:09 @whithonea is that taking into accout membership fees? #
  • 17:11 RT @hardlynormal Hey LA! kind of nasty outside, huh? Winter Shelter closes on 3/2 – Help Keep Winter Shelters Open bit.ly/bUY7N1 #
  • 17:20 @orangecountygal i was impressed until went into the ladies room & realized they were out of toilet paper. #
  • 17:20 @kitschtina LOL! you are too funny!! #
  • 17:22 RT @Mjausson: Incomprehensible devastation. RT @Sunfell: Boston.com's photos of the quake damage in Chile: bit.ly/cUV5rQ #
  • 17:28 RT @undomesticdiva: $45 portrait recession sessions [family/child/senior/engagement] one wknd only: tinyurl.com/yl79gh6 #
  • 17:29 @iambrianna good for you! #
  • 17:32 almost hit by woman who apparently was in rush & couldn't wait for light while i made protected left on green. she waved like it was ok. #
  • 18:42 @canele they were tasty, although a little lopsided. New batch looks better. Can't wait to try them. #
  • 20:03 @canele my caleles are not French pastry shop perfect, but they are tasty. I'll keep at it. 🙂 #
  • 20:04 @orangecountygal did the 'brunch' with tortilla soup & carnitas. It was good. We will go back. #
  • 21:05 this is funny even if you <3 ºoº RT @Disneyopolis: I Hate Disneyland –12 Things to Hate About the Happiest Place on … bit.ly/9JW79l #
  • 22:28 @hardlynormal which version do you have? #
  • 22:48 @shayera the real question about that commercial is what does it say about women? #
  • 22:48 @cupcakecommando for how long? #

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