11:45 @chemo_babe what movies are

  • 11:45 @chemo_babe what movies are you going to watch? #
  • 11:49 RT @KingArthurFlour: $1 OFF on 5# bags King Arthur All-Purpose, Bread & Whole Wheat Flour at Price Chopper. Thru 4/3. bit.ly/96KPBi. #
  • 11:51 @chemo_babe sounds good! just saw Planes, Trains & Automobiles – laughed so hard i scared people. The scene at the car rental is priceless. #
  • 12:06 RT @Disneyland: This Day in History – The Grand Canyon Diorama opens along the lines of the Disneyland Railroad – 1958 #
  • 13:52 RT @Kitchen AidUSA: Which mixer attachment do I want &why? Pasta – b/c nothing is more romantic than sharing spaghetti – see Lady &the Tramp. #
  • 13:53 Edison just installed a smart meter – had to kill the electricity for 10 seconds. killed a recording on the Tivo. Not smart. #
  • 13:58 @onetake loved the 'maybe it was a different animal' part. #
  • 14:28 @Mjausson good point – although squirrel is always suspect. #
  • 14:30 @BlondeByDesign glad you enjoyed it. apparently i was beat out by rigatoni necklaces. #
  • 15:21 @bitchell they are testing a 32 ounce size, but it's called something else. #
  • 15:25 DNC: $1,343 at Disney, $265 at a high-end salon, $20,857 for baseball tickets, $552 at the Ritz in Paris on.wsj.com/bNITpZ (via @WSJ) #
  • 15:25 RNC: $84 on iTunes, $92 at Jelly Belly Candy Co., $47 at Splash Car Wash in Washington, $57 at a gay bar on.wsj.com/bNITpZ (via @WSJ) #
  • 15:26 Boy oh boy, Borders sure knows how to come up with an 11th hour Hail Mary move. (via @sarahw) #
  • 15:27 NJ Telemarketers Hit With Record Civil Fine For False Claims su.pr/1ytETx (via @nprnews) #
  • 15:33 Homeless woman:"is anything going on Easter? I have no place to go"Good?! Churches help poor on Thanksgiving but Easter (via @hardlynormal) #
  • 15:35 We're going to be tweeting fewer of our own posts here. To catch them all, follow @GOODfeed. (via @GOOD) #
  • 15:40 @borch_man good to know. Think his point is more how at holiest time we seem to forget the needy. Ppl give up chocolate, but forget to give. #
  • 16:27 peeps like you've never seen them before – annual Washington Pos t contest – really have to be seen to be believed: bit.ly/cZD1oV #
  • 23:36 RT @Chef_Jay: Thursday is National Sourdough Bread Day! #foodcalendar #
  • 00:25 LOL! RT @jesseluna: I'm glad Google finally changed its name. #
  • 00:26 @MichaelMidnight i'm working on bribing the UPS delivery person to arrive before noon. Cookies? Brownies? Cinnamon Rolls? #

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