14:24 Macarons from Miette. I

  • 14:24 Macarons from Miette. I don't think they triple sift their almond flour. yfrog.com/j6vbej #
  • 14:55 @DaveTaylor my MIL uses MagicJack in the Philippines so she can call/get calls US. Your computer has to be on & not in sleep mode to rec. #
  • 14:58 I'm 1 away from a free drink @peets. yfrog.com/j4r5egj #
  • 15:31 @karyuukai LOL! In a way, it is. That represents about a gallon of iced tea. #
  • 16:46 i hear large flat rate boxes will have woody & &q uot;greetings from _ where u live. ie greetings from socal w/palm trees! 🙂 (via @findingmickey) #
  • 16:47 Last day to use your $5 in bonus @borders bucks. #
  • 17:26 They left Emeryville, but are still going. (@ Charles Chocolates) 4sq.com/codPRo #
  • 20:05 Oh what fun it is to ride BART when a train gets stuck on the track – NOT! #

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