03:24 RT @watchmi: gewagte Hypothese:

  • 03:24 RT @watchmi: gewagte Hypothese: 1 in 5 TVs sold in US will be 3D in 2013 bit.ly/9CkYRx #
  • 03:37 wishing i would get over this jet lag already. of course i did travel in 10 days what most do in a year. #
  • 03:38 Wow! RT @leeunkrich: Big Baby loves this cool Toy Story 3 Lego mosaic. twitpic.com/217889 #BigBabyWorldTour #
  • 04:22 I <3 when Ira Glass sends me email – even if he is asking for money. #
  • 04:47 Benigno Aquino III Is Sworn In As Philippine Leader n.pr/d5zSpR (via @nprnews) #
  • 05:05 In Case You Forgot: There will be no July 3 fireworks this year. Yes, that means you'll have to trek dlvr.it/29NPH (via @gapersblock) #
  • 05:30 @pastaqueen where are you moving #
  • 05:35 Brookfield Zoo releases monkeys into wild outside zoo to mate. What could go wrong? One is named Devil bit.ly/ddw5NO (via @Suntimes) #
  • 05:36 Father won't pay tuition. Daughter sues — and wins $47,000. snurl.com/yev4y (via @planetmoney) #
  • 05:37 Realty Trac report: Half of homes sold in California in foreclosure bit.ly/dBiKEd (via @KPCC) #
  • 12:59 that sounds good! RT @Chef_Jay: Today is National Ice Cream Soda Day! Looking forward to one… #foodcalendar #

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