a lesson in frustration

I’m a bit frustrated at the moment. All I wanted to do was order a book online. How hard could that be?!!

I figured I could order a book in less than 5 minutes. I have an account. All I need to do is log in, confirm my info, and enter my credit card number. I would be done and on my way to Target.

Unfortunately when I logged in, it could not load my cart. Instead I got the following error message:

[ServletException in:/ConsumerDirectStorefrontAssetStore/ShoppingArea/ShopcartSection/body.jsp] null’

I thought that maybe this was because I had an item in my cart that they no longer carry. It was an eReader B was debating buying, and in the end, decided against. I guess I didn’t delete it, and neither did the system.

I decided to call Customer Support. I figured that they would need to do something on their end.

I spoke with a woman named Irene. She must have thought I said “card” and not “cart”, and very quickly the conversation made no sense. I stopped her and explained that I was having trouble checking out.

Then she offered to place an order over the phone. I really didn’t want to do that. I have a membership number and a coupon. How much less fun could that be, especially as we were having trouble already understanding each other. Besides all of my information is online.

She then said that they were having difficulties and that I should check back in 2-3 hours. This was after they were closed, so I understood now loud and clear.

Of course I did check, and sure enough, it is still not working. Same error message. I thought maybe it was a browser issue, but that didn’t work either. I’ve sent a message via an online form to support. I don’t have much faith, but they could always surprise me.

It is something to focus on other than that B leaves tomorrow.

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