time changes

Berlin is 9 hours ahead of Los Angeles. This makes for some really interesting windows to touch base.

When I am getting ready for bed, B’s day is just beginning. He has been sending me photos of his morning hot chocolate stop. Today he went to Einstein’s. They have some amazing hot chocolate. It comes with a little extra in a little pitcher, so you can add it to your cup.

Then when I get up, his day is winding down. This morning he was off the the mall looking for dinner. He also stopped in a tea shop to find me a present. The woman at the shop showed B a figurine of a squirrel, adding she thought I might like it. Clearly she was wrong.

Of course B is also not quite adjusted to the time difference either, so when he gets up in the middle of the night, I also sometimes hear from him. This afternoon he called while I was out checking the mail. What are the odds?

This weekend the US springs ahead one hour for Daylight Savings Time. Europe is going to wait another two weeks to do so. Are we having fun yet?

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