some days are harder than others

I feel like I am getting nothing done. I am in the middle of several projects that are in various states. It just feels very chaotic.

I thought I could use Ash Wednesday to motivate me. Instead I ate a turkey sandwich for lunch. I definitely bought too much food for the week.

I started vacuuming, but need to clean out the brush again. It’s like we have a dog. Hopefully once I get through the house this time, it will be normal again.

We got a notice in the mail that they will be working on the source where the city’s water comes from. This means that they need everyone to conserve water over those 10 days. The notice included suggestions from turning off the sprinklers to taking five-minute showers. I decided to wash all the sheets. I didn’t get very far.

I cleaned the counter, ran the dishwasher, and took out the trash. I read the first chapter of a book.

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