technology rules

Today I sat in a Starbucks in Newport Beach and texted with B in Berlin. He sent me photos of things he did on Saturday. It was the end of the day there.

He showed me a flower shop he past, and the view from his window. There was a poster of the play he saw, and lots of shots of the train stations he passed through.

I so wanted to grab the people that were walking by and say, “Check this out! My husband is in Berlin sending me photos of what he did today.” Of course, I didn’t.

Instead I sent B photos of the cupcakes I made in class. He showed me his lunch (dim sum), so I showed him mine (tuna sandwich).

He sent me a photo of the angel that is in Tiergarten. The Goddess of Victory. When we were there last year, it was being restored, and was covered up. B said it is still closed, but the angel is no longer hidden. I almost started crying.

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