thank goodness for plungers

I decided to give the shower a good scrub down this evening. I don’t know how other people do it, but because of where the sink is located, you have to get in there to clean it (unless you are 7 feet tall and have really really long arms).

I was scrubbing away when I realized I was ankle-deep in water. This isn’t a bathtub, so if the water got any higher, it would be all over the floor – which is carpeted!

I shut the water off and went in search of our plunger. It was downstairs. Not a big deal, but I was still a bit panicky as it was too late to call anyone and I have company coming tomorrow. I was really concerned that the hair loss I suffered from the Windpocken was going to have one more laugh at my expense.

Thankfully a few plunges did the trick. There was a gurgling noise. I held my breath, hoping nothing would come up, and watched as the water started to swirl down the drain. Crisis averted.

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