big love

SPOILER ALERT: do not read this post if you haven’t seen the final episode. This post will ruin it for you.

We watched the final episode of Big Love last night. I don’t think we started watching until the third season began. But we were quickly hooked. We would yell things at the TV like, “don’t answer your phone, Bill!” – not that he listened.

As much as this show was about polygamy, it really wasn’t. It was like saying Weeds being about pot. Yes, those things help move the plot along, but at the heart of these shows were what it means to be family.

My favorite character by far, was Lois, Bill’s mother. You never knew what she would do next. And oh some of the things that came out of her mouth! Oh my!! But whether she was selling parrots illegally or chopping off body parts, she did it all for love, especially that of her son, Bill.

I also loved when Nicki would have tête-à-têtes with her brother, Alby. When they decided that they should kill their parents, it was too funny (although it wasn’t). They are still like two little wounded children. I cannot image being raised by their parents. They made mine seem almost normal.

As for the ending, I think it was clean (perhaps a bit too clean). Killing Bill solved many of the problems at hand. It made the legal case go away. It more than likely solved their financial issues (with an insurance policy). And it also allowed Barb to step into the role of priest holder. Of course, it also made the family stronger, and brought them together, which is what Bill would have wanted.

Of course there are still many unanswered questions. What ever happened to Bill’s brother and his crazy wife, Wanda? And what about Ana and her baby? Finally how do three widowed sister wives go about dating? Do they find one man to marry the three of them?

I will miss the Hendricksons. They taught me much about marriage and family.

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