Tonight we got to see Wicked in Orange County. It was amazing. It didn’t hurt that we had great seats (B outdid himself again).

I haven’t read the book, but as best as I can tell this seems like a piece of fan fiction that made some people some money. Just making an observation, really.

At the heart of this story is that question of what makes someone wicked. Are they born that way, or it is caused by what they experience? Or were they ever really wicked at all?

I could not help but think of my sister, as it is a question people have asked. My parents were attending regular teacher conferences about my sister’s bad behavior from the time she was in preschool. She was hitting other kids with wooden blocks – completely unprovoked.

Of course it is never that simple. I still remember when she had her first epileptic seizure (in a holy roller church of all places). When I saw her eyes and tongue roll back into her head, I whispered to myself that I knew she was possessed. I was not even 9.

It’s rare though that someone is all evil – or all good for that matter. My sister could occasionally let her good side show. She could be sweet when she wanted to be.

This was an incident I had forgotten about until I read, Tiger, Tiger. The section of road where it happened was mentioned in the book. I didn’t realize it was the busiest intersection in the entire state.

My father had a 1968 Volvo. It was a tiny thing. He usually had to park it around the corner. Like most kids back then, my sister and I used to fight over who got to ride in the front. That particular day, she won, but not really.

You see as my father drove around that circle, my sister’s skinny little body leaned against the door – which wasn’t completely closed. She fell out. I sat in the back seat unable to do anything.

Thankfully there weren’t any cars behind us. There could have been a big rig. It is a truck route.

She was badly bruised. Scabs all over her arms and legs.  Our father took her to a friend’s house. His wife was a nurse.  She recovered by the summer’s end.

And I’m not really sure why I shared any of that.

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