in which b loses his iphone

B has lost his phone more times than I know about. There was the time in NYC in a cab (right after he left his laptop at a gas station convenience store). And another time he  lost another phone on BART. They have a pretty slick system. It took over a day, but he got it back.

Tonight he lost his iPhone 4 at Disneyland – at It’s A Small World, no less. We were having such a good time. We practically walked on and then got on a boat with only 2 other people.

It was all going great until we in in the last “room” of Small World where all the dolls are wearing white, when we suddenly found ourselves behind another boat. Well, we were behind a string of boats, and the ones behind us were backing up as well.

They didn’t say anything until we were back outside. I would guess we were in there for over an extra 10 minutes. I love Small World, but that song can get annoying after a while.

When we exited our boat, I thought I heard something drop. I asked B about it, but he said he was good, so we went on our way. We had to run as we had fast passes for Soaring Over California.

As we got to the Alice in Wonderland ride, B stopped and checked his bag for his iPhone. It wasn’t there. He used my phone to call it. No luck.

I needed to use the restroom, so he headed over to Small World, while I well…. Afterward, I met back up with him at Small World. They told him nothing had been turned in, but he was welcome to check back later.

I knew that Disneyland was known for their Lost & Found, so we decided to head back to City Hall and file a report. We were lucky there wasn’t  a line.

The woman who helped us was nice enough, but really she had the empathy of a flea. I mean not for anything, but iPhones aren’t cheap. And this pretty much put a damper on our evening. I wasn’t angry, but I wasn’t exactly happy either.

She basically told us to check back tomorrow around noon. Do you have any idea the kind of damage someone could do with your iPhone in that time period?!

I remembered that there was the find my iPhone feature, so handed B my iPhone and told him to do a search for it. Turns out that on an iPhone, you need an app to do that, so I downloaded it. My phone battery was now at less than 20%.

We ran the app, but it couldn’t locate it. We also sent a message, which we realized if the phone was still on a boat inside Small World, the likelihood of someone hearing it would be pretty slim. It said it had sent it 2 minutes ago (which made no sense at all). I was having my doubts about this app, although it was able to locate B’s iPad (safe at home with the cows).

The fireworks were about to start, which meant that the trains would stop running and getting to Small World would be practically impossible via Main Street. There really wasn’t anything else we could do.

Needless to say we didn’t make it to Soaring. We decided to have some ice cream and head back to the tram.

Since we have been back at the house, B tried again to use the locate feature, using his computer. Still not luck. Also, Lost and Found’s phone line closed at 6pm. We can’t check in until they open at 10:30am.

Hopefully this story will have a happy ending. People who steal things at Disneyland have to have a special spot reserved for them in hell.

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