and march goes out

With 90F temperatures across Los Angeles. If you believe my iPhone, it is hotter in downtown (dtla) right now than it is in the San Gabriel Valley. I am sure we will catch up. It is only supposed to last one day though. Tomorrow the high is expected to only reach 80F.

So I decided to make canelés. Actually I decided to make them yesterday. You see as they are French, you have to make the batter and then wait 24 hours before baking them in – wait for it – a 480F oven.

That’s right, LA is having a mini heat wave, and I basically have the oven on broil for over an hour. While I was at it, I decided to wash the towels – 2 loads piled up while we were conserving water. Which means I have the dryer also going on high.

I cranked up the Lady Gaga on my iPhone and was going to go pick some lemons and make lemonade, but what’s this my husband left next to my laptop? Shoe catalogs?! I’ll have them shipped to Imelda….

And that is how March ended. No sign of B’s iPhone 4.

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