what are the odds

A few days ago I learned that one of the postcards I sent from Berlin just arrived in California – about 6 months late. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. I did send over 100. I felt like a little Berlin Board of Tourism.

As best I can tell most postcards were taking about 5 days to arrive in the US. I didn’t hear from everyone I sent a card to; I didn’t expect to though. Still, it does make me wonder  if any are stragglers still out there in limbo. Did they all make it? Did any get lost in the mail. It does happen, although pretty rarely.

I recently had an interesting experience with Starbucks. I signed up for their rewards program, and one of the perks is that they send you a free drink for your birthday. Well, technically they send you a postcard to use for a free drink around your birthday.

The odd thing was a couple of weeks before my birthday I received an email notifying me that my postcard was in the mail. My birthday came and went, and nothing showed up. I was a bit miffed as one of my pet peeves is saying you have a present for someone, when you really don’t. It is cruel. It also didn’t help that last year I reached gold level (the status required for this perk) exactly one week after my birthday.

At any rate, I let it go and moved along. Then about 10 days after my birthday, I get that email again. I wasn’t in the best of moods and so fired off a little email basically comparing them a bunch of mean girls in the high school cafeteria. The email starts off saying how “they couldn’t forgot my birthday”. Um,  you did.

I suspect something happened. Mail didn’t go out. Someone quit. There was a glitch in the system. I didn’t understand why they couldn’t just be honest.

They actually did reply. Of course they ignored the whole why not admit there was a problem on your end bit. But they did say they would send another postcard. It arrived a few days ago too. Who knows maybe the one they claimed to have sent will show up six months from now. That should be fun explaining to the barista.

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