not a single sheet

After a disappointing day at the Disneyland Resort Lost & Found, we headed to run errands. B realized there was a Sprouts not too far from us, and wanted to check it out.  There was a Target conveniently located in the same center.

I’m not sure if the Target was a redo or if it was new, but everything seemed shiny and in good repair. Everything that is – except the woman’s restroom.

You have to go up a flight of stairs (or take the escalator or the elevator) to get into the store from the parking area. They have those cute cart escalators. The restrooms are off to the left. We had had an early dinner in downtown Disney before heading out, and I drank two giant glasses of water. Let’s just say now I really needed to go.

The nearest bathroom is technically a family bathroom, but it was occupied, so I headed to the woman’s restroom across the way. The first 2 doors were closed, so I looked in the third. A quick scan revealed no toilet paper. I move onto the next stall only to find the same problem and in the final stall there was not only no paper, but a backed up toilet.

I went back to the second stall which it turns out was unoccupied, but can you believe it also has no toilet paper? Me neither. I was ready to loose it (in more ways than you want to think about) when behind stall number one I also found yet another empty roll.

Honestly, I am not sure how this is possible. These were the type of dispensers that have two rolls. When one roll is finished, the second roll pops down. That means that whoever was in charge of cleaning the restroom simply didn’t do their job – for quite a while. Either that or someone came in and removed thousands of sheets of toilet paper onto other rolls (as I said the cardboard rolls were still there).

A woman came in as I was leaving. I told her there was not a single sheet of toilet paper in this bathroom. She made a sigh and walked away. I saw her just leave the store. I wanted to too.

Instead, I went up to one of the associates, and explained that the woman’s restroom was completely out of toilet paper. She just smiled and said she would let someone know. I didn’t have high hopes that she would. Maybe she pees somewhere else?

Normally I carry my own. Yes, I know I have issues. But today I didn’t bring my full purse because we were going to Disneyland, and one thing they are good about is keeping the restrooms stocked. Mickey may be running an iPhone ring in the Buzz Lightyear parking lot, but you don’t have to worry about being hung out to dry at the Magic Kingdom.

Oh, and ironically, one of the main reasons I was at Target –  to buy toilet paper.

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