canelés hot from the ovenToday I made the last of the canelés. If you have never had one, you are missing out. They seem to be popping up more and more in little bake shops, especially with the rise in popularity of macarons. Yes, canelés are French.

Canelés are just milk, sugar, flour, eggs, butter and vanilla. You can also add rum, but I didn’t have any. The batter is pretty simple. You just need to let it rest 24 hours. I did mention they are French, non? They are made in molds and the result is a deep brown crunchy outer crust with a delicate, sweet, almost creamy inside. It’s a lot about texture.

In the days of yore, you needed copper molds and bee’s wax to keep them from sticking. It was quite a chore. Today there are silicon molds, so it is much easier. Still you need to get the oven up to 480F, and try not to spill batter on the oven floor. It looks like I will be cleaning my oven again soon. But it was worth it.

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