on showers

Recently I was reminded of a funny story about my sister. It happened during the last summer we spent at our grandmother’s house. We were invited to spend a week with our cousins. They had been grounded that week.

I should mention that said cousins were not brother and sister, but we were all cousins. T was the daughter of my mom’s oldest brother, and G was the son of my mom’s youngest sister. T was staying with our aunt for some reason I don’t recall. They were city kids. We were not. It was probably a good thing they were banned from leaving the apartment.

After a few days, both T & G  had had it with my sister. As seemed to happen when we stayed with our cousins, G came to me with a plan to get revenge. Oh dear. Here we go again, is all I thought.

We had been instructed to leave the door ajar while using the shower as the wallpaper was peeling in the bathroom. G wanted to sneak in while my sister was showering and not only take her clothes, but all of the towels, and then for good measure, flush before making a run for it.

I honestly don’t know what my sister had done to deserve such treatment. Maybe it was just her personality. I know she wasn’t thrilled with being trapped inside all day, but it wasn’t like we got to go anywhere more exciting than the A&P when we were with our grandmother.

I told my cousin that if my sister had any idea I was even remotely in on this, she would beat me up. That’s just how she was. And so a plan was devised to do the same to me. What can I say? I really didn’t want to be punched by my sister in front of my cousins?

When my sister took a shower that afternoon, my cousin G ran in, grabbed her clothes, all of the towels, and on his way out flushed. Within seconds screams could be heard. Then more screams as she learned her clothes and towels had been taken. The three of us were in stitches outside the bathroom. When I couldn’t take it any longer, I told T to go give her her clothes and a towel. Really none of us needed to see her naked.

Needless to say this did not improve my sister’s mood. And as I had anticipated, she thought I was behind all of it. I told her I was not.

It was then my turn to take my shower. Once again, G slipped into the bathroom, stealing everything. As he was about to flush the toilet, something happened. Something very bad. I’m not even sure how, but for whatever reason, the shower curtain rod gave way. I still remember falling down with it, trying desperately to cover myself without flooding the bathroom. I tried to shut off the water and keep the rod from hitting my head. But hey, at least I didn’t get clobbered by my sister, right?

I think we spent the afternoon mopping up the bathroom floor and putting the shower curtain back in place. I doubt my aunt had any idea the things that went on while she was gone. I am not sure how we got my sister not to tattle. We must have bribed her or had something really bad she did to use against her.

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