a day of shopping in the oc

Today’s task was simple – get a birthday present. B’s nephew is turning four in about a week. We need to mail said present to New York. That meant a shopping trip was in store this weekend.

We started at the ice cream shop. I still hadn’t used the punch card which we filled up before we left for Berlin. Plus it put B in a better mood. Flavor of the day was chocolate oreo. Oh so good!

As I was enjoying my cone, I checked my phone and realized my uncle had called last night. He was returning my call from three weeks ago. I guess not checking your voice mail often is hereditary. Who knew?

Then we headed to the bookstore. We went to one of our favorite independent bookstores devoted to kid’s books. The owner thinks I am a librarian, which today we decided I am, since I do indeed have a small library of books.

We spent about 40 minutes in the shop and came out with some things for the nephew, and well, a couple for us. It was funny when she asked if one of the middle school books was for the four-year old (in jest of course). I retorted with it’s for the 40-something, as I handed over my credit card.

I was feeling a bit hungry. Aside from the ice cream I had only had a bowl of oatmeal and some tea. We were parked in a 45-minute spot (Irvine loves its rules), so we drove across the parking lot and got a snack.

Then we drove down to Fashion Island. It was too early for dinner, and well, we just had a snack. We went to the Apple Store where I almost came home with a new laptop. B thinks it is time to upgrade my iBook.

We watched the puppies play in the pet store window, and I took advantage of Clinque bonus week at Macy’s. We got the nephew a little something else for his birthday. And then we headed to dinner.

After dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant, which was definitely less crowded than usual, we headed over to Whole Foods. It really was a shopping day. We both realized as we looked across the parking lot that the next time we were here, that Borders would probably be closed for good. So sad.

And oh so tired.

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