why yes i am still changing my name

Or at least trying to changing my name. Tonight I tried to change my name at Nordstrom. I recently placed an order and realized the box arrived addressed to my former name.

I figured it would be simple. All I needed to do was login to my account, and within a few keystrokes all would be well. Not so fast.

When I went to “my profile” I could only update my first name. Okay, maybe it is under address book.

I clicked there only to discover that you could change your address, but not the name. Ugh. So I clicked on live chat, figuring they could straighten this out.

At first I was confused when up popped, “Christine H”. Turns out that was the person I was chatting with. It was a little ironic, given that was my old name.

Christine H told me to change my address. I explained that I tried that, but it only allows you to change the address, not the name. So then she told me to change my name under my profile. Of course I explained that that only allowed to me to change my first name.

After a few minutes Christine H came back and said she could do it on her account, and wasn’t sure why I couldn’t do it on mine. She suggested I clear my cookies, which made no sense since the field is called “First Name”. I thanked her for her help, without losing my cookies. Tomorrow is another day.

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