and then i made cookies

And since I am such a professional baker, when I realized I needed three sticks of butter, instead of the two I had out on the counter for over an hour, I stuck the third one in my pocket, and set to work measuring out all of the ingredients. At least I didn’t stick it in my bra.

It worked, and the cookies were amazing. I’m sending them to B’s nephew for his birthday. He is turning four. Hopefully it will build his pallet or something.

The recipe came from Cookies & Milk. It said that most people over mix oatmeal cookies. That is why they are usually dry and no one likes them.

This recipe had you put everything into the mixer, but then only mix until it was barely combined. Then you take the cookie dough and pour it out onto a lightly floured surface and with your lightly floured hands, kneed the mixture together.

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