a funny thing happened on the way to the post office

On Friday the plan was simple. We would pop over to the post office and then head down to the OC and pick up my photos. It was about 4:40pm. The post office is less than 10 minutes away. Well, without traffic.

That’s right, there was traffic in this one Target town. We had to drive past the high school, but the students got out hours before. I couldn’t believe how slow everyone was moving, and of course we hit nearly every light.

I was watching the clock and wasn’t sure we were going to make it. I needed to make a final turn left, but couldn’t move into the turn lane because of the cars in front of me. That felt like one of the longest red lights ever.

Thankfully we did make it, with about 2 minutes to spare. I practically walked up to the counter, and that is when it got even more interesting. Remember the postal increases that went into effect a couple of weeks ago? It wasn’t just postcards and mail to Canada and Mexico that went up (by a penny). It was packages too (this is where things changed more dramatically).

Basically if your package is more than 16 ounces (one pound), you cannot send it first class. I think that has been the case for a while, but it seems like the rate for packages over a pound being sent priority mail skyrocketed. If you can get it to fit into a flat rate box, that is probably your best bet. Plus you save money on the box itself. I used my digital scale for the package I sent yesterday.

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