it will be okay

metro sign, ParisSometimes I really just do not know what to say. I have been feeling a little out of it. Maybe it was listening to drilling most of the morning and afternoon. The neighbor got Fios (and for some odd reason our box only shows the channel and not the time – all day I’d look up and wonder why it was 5:05), so they dug up our front yard.

We also ran out of Tejava. I had to remind myself that I have survived three months without my favorite drink. Anyone watching me would have laughed (probably out loud) as I frantically searched the box for an unopened bottle, and then rushed to the fridge thinking I had half a bottle of iced tea in there (I didn’t). I made myself a cup of red rose and moved onward.

Maybe I need more sleep? Maybe I just need to get out of the house?

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