just another manic monday

I finally got out of the house. Ran out of oven cleaner. Really though, I would  have rather cleaned the oven than gone to Target.

It wasn’t very crowded, but clearly it was time for someone to go get the carts from the parking lot. They were everywhere. People are beyond lazy. There were about a dozen carts piled into a parking space only about three spaces from the cart rack. [The Germans have the right idea with making people deposit a Euro to borrow a cart.]

They didn’t have my toothpaste, and there were only three people working the checkout lanes. Thankfully check out was without incident. I just wish he had put the oven cleaner in its own bag. That stuff if toxic.

I also picked up my dry cleaning, and stopped at Starbucks. I got an iced mocha. Probably not the wisest choice on a full moon.

And since I had the stove and oven taken apart, I decided to pick up dinner at Chipotle. B has this app that let’s you bypass the line. It saves your choices, so it takes only seconds to place your order, and was ready by the time I got there. Now that’s a great app.

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