the chicken from the golden egg

really amazing hot chocolate in ParisTonight I roasted an $18 chicken. It was organic and kosher (and delicious).

I sent B to Trader Joe’s on Sunday to do the weekly shopping. I stayed home and made dinner. I sent him with a list (which he almost left on the table), but it is always interesting to see how it gets interpreted.

Needless to say I was a bit shocked when he told me how much the chicken cost. I almost felt like I should do something fancy with it, but in the end I decided to simply roast it.

We will probably get four servings from the roast chicken, and then I will make soup, which will give us two more meals. All in all then, it comes out to a little more than $2 per serving. Really, not all that bad.*

* Especially when you consider that 8 euro pot of tea I had in Paris. But it was Paris.

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