this blog is five years old

at the sls, beverly hills

This blog started as a Vox blog five years ago today. When Vox went away, B was kind enough to port it over to WordPress. I started it to keep track of our move – the one that is still in progress.

I sort of miss Vox. I remember going to this party they had in Chicago at the modern art museum. It was the same day we moved the bulk of our stuff into storage. We were a little late as a result. Still it was a great way to end a day of moving.

That stuff is still there. This is the move that hasn’t ended. It is time to move it, but where to put it? And how to get it to point B (again, wherever exactly that is)? Just thinking about it makes me break out.

Today was also Oprah’s last show (Madelaine Brand’s team did a great job on this piece). I didn’t watch. I secretly hoped she would blast off to the moon in her diamond crusted pony rocket, but nothing on Twitter (my account there is four today) seemed to indicate that had happened.

It is also my father’s birthday. I believe he is 65. We haven’t communicated in over 25 years.

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