welcome to the cloud

Apple announced the end of MobileMe. An email went out informing current users that as of June 30, 2012, it would be gone for good.

I misread the email, and thought MobileMe would go away at the end of this month (and not in a year), so I freaked out a bit. You see, in order to upgrade to iCloud, you need to run Lion (the next OS), and well, my computer is too old. It is currently too old to run the latest update of OSX.

My iPhone is thankfully able to upgrade to OS5, but the great thing about MobileMe is that it updates between your phone and your computer. So having only the phone access the cloud, would seem a bit silly.

Then I saw this video of an old AT&T film from the 1950’s on how to use a rotary dial telephone. While I understand that this was a big change for people, it just seems so dense – I couldn’t help but laugh though at the idea that dialing a wrong number would inconvenience the other party. But maybe we need something like this to get use to the idea of the cloud. It’s here, ready or not.

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