today in lists

I was able to cross a few things off my to-do list today. Not everything, though:

  • I can’t find my library card. I’ve checked in and even under the couch. It’s more a sense of pride than anything else. I feel so irresponsible.
  • Realized I could return (too big) items from Lands’ End to Sears and skip the post office and the shipping fees. Plus I called them to do the exchange so I don’t have to pay any additional shipping fees.
  • Father’s Day ads are starting to grate on me. I almost replied to a FaceBook post about my father deserving some gift with a resounding, NO!
  • I need to back up my laptop before it yells at me again.
  • It’s so odd to have LA be cooler than the east coast and midwest in June. It was 70F again today.
  • We got dishwasher tabs tonight. A giant box of eighty-five (17 cents per load). The sprinklers were running when we got back so I had to wait. Such first world problems.
  • It might be time to go back to the movies. Super 8 looks good.
  • And Cars 2 is now 2 weeks away.
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