sign of the times

Today B had to run to Kinko’s to scan more documents for his visa application. I waited in the car as Kinko’s always makes my blood pressure rise.

It was fairly busy for a Sunday afternoon. There was one guy who had about 10 very large, but not very heavy boxes to ship. He seemed to know what he was doing as he brought in one box, then borrowed the dolly to get the remaining boxes which he piled so high, he had to remove a couple to get it inside the door.

I also noticed another man come out and get something in the car parked next to us. I didn’t really think anything of it, until B got back in the car and then he approached the driver’s side of our car to ask if we would be interested in doing some part-time work. We declined. No idea what kind of work.

The day before I was approached by a young man as I exit the mall from returning a few items from Lands’ End to Sear’s. He asked if I had any change. He said he needed bus fare. I felt bad, but also a little unnerved.

Then on the way home after the trip to the mall, we stopped for bobba tea. Again, I just waited in the car. A man came up to the driver’s side after B had returned. He said he was selling $250 worth of food for only $5. He had cards in his hands that had the logos of places like I-Hop and Denny’s. We politely declined.

Really, I don’t know if this is new, or I am just noticing it more. Clearly I don’t get out much. Are people feeling that times are so tough it can’t hurt to  approach everyone? Asking for change is nothing new, but trying to recruit people to work for you in a parking lot seems a bit odd. And I have no idea what the food guy was up to – perhaps some take on Groupon?




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