we could get a new zip code

Without even moving. The universe really does enjoy messing with me.

The area where the house is, is serviced by a post office that is technically is in a different city. We received a letter tonight that they are considering merging the two zip codes. They are sending out a ballot in August, so it isn’t like it is a done deal, or something that could happen immediately. This is the United States Postal Service we are dealing with after all.

The plus side is that it could increase the house value. And it would make it easier to explain where we live. We usually tell people we live in the city where the house resides, but then have to explain that if they want to look it up on Google maps, they need to use a different city and zip code.

Of course the current zip code is kind of cool (and easy to remember). I mean it is not every day when you give your zip code to the woman working at Crate & Barrel and she blurts out the city where you live (a city that most people have never heard of).

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