how i quit drinking soda

It is true that I still occasionally have a soda, but I can honestly say that I no longer crave it. It is also true that at one point, I would drink at least a can of soda a day. It wasn’t easy to give it up, and it didn’t happen overnight.

Of course some might argue that I replaced my soda addiction with an iced tea (namely Tejava) addiction, but at least there is no sugar or sweeteners, and most agree that tea does have some health benefits. My other go to drink is water. I’m boring. I know.

Before the iced tea, a friend tipped me off to La Croix. It is essentially a sparkling water with fruit essence, sold in a can. It has no calories or sweeteners. I really like the lime.

For many people, myself included, holding a can (especially in a social situations) can be a crutch, especially if it seems like everyone else is holding one. This was just before putting out bottled water at parties and other get-togethers became popular.

Obviously I didn’t go cold turkey. If you can, good for you. I cut down gradually, and then found that eventually I wasn’t really missing soda. If I was thirsty, I tried to go for water first. If we went out to eat, I ordered iced tea. If we were out somewhere fancy, I’d go for a sparking water with a twist of lime.

I think it really hit home that I had conquered the soda beast when I found a can of Coke in a 12-pack that had evaporated. I had taken advantage of some crazy sale at one of the patriotic holidays. You could get a 12-pack for $2 plus CRV, but you had to buy six of them.

Not one to pass up on a deal (and honestly thinking we might have a party), I bought home six cases of soda. Apparently they just sat there, and several of the cans literally dried up. The tab was still sealed. It was almost comical.

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