cars 2

We have a long standing tradition that we try to go to the last show of the new Pixar movie on opening night.* Ironically it started with Toy Story, and I actually had to leave the movie theater at the point where Woody gets left at the gas station with Buzz.

It was back when I volunteered at a crisis line and I had completely forgotten I had signed up for the overnight shift. Something just went off in my head, alerting me that there was something I was supposed to be doing (at 10pm on a Friday night no less). As soon as I realized what it was, I ran across the street to our apartment and called in. I felt awful. Thankfully I was only about 30 minutes late. Oops. I told B to stay and tell me how it ended.

Tonight we will go see Cars 2. I’m a little worried as this is the first time the reviews are not glowing. In fact, if you believe Rotten Tomatoes, they are downright awful (at last check it was 38%). I bought the tickets last week (they were $31), so there is no turning back.

I honestly was a bit worried seeing all the hype ABC was giving the movie over the last couple of days. They did a piece on Nightline last night, and another on Good Morning America. [In case you were unaware,  Pixar is a part of Disney which is a part of ABC.]

I guess I will know soon enough.

*We didn’t get to see Toy Story 3 opening night because we were abroad. But it was okay because we did actually get to see it before it opened at Pixar Studios as a fundraiser.

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