strange behavior

Today I ironed. I know, eek! It’s been ages since I ironed. Don’t tell, but secretly, I love to iron.

We have a cotton shower curtain, which is white, so it needed to be washed (especially after B started his tomato seedlings in the tub). And although I didn’t put it in the dryer, it was still pretty wrinkled.

Since we have an ironing board (which I use to fold towels) and an iron, and even a can of spray starch, I decided to go for it. I also decided to iron a cotton blouse that was also quite wrinkled, and then for the heck of it a cotton skirt that has a fabric belt that was looking more than a little untidy.

But then I got really crazy and ironed our white cloth dinner napkins. All eight of them. They look new. B didn’t notice.

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2 Responses to strange behavior

  1. FaerieKissed says:

    B is a guy–a husband at that. They really don’t notice.

  2. godotchris says:

    When I did ask, he said he thought they were new.

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