like pickle juice on a cookie

I just finished reading, Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie. I just adore the title. As a kid who packed her own lunch, this happened to me from time to time, and it sucked.

The book is about an 8-year old girl named Elinore, who has to deal with the only babysitter she has ever known, moving away. Her parents do their best to help her make the adjustment, although they aren’t perfect and do make some mistakes along the way.

I was always the kid who moved away, so this book offered a different perspective. I also loved what Elinor’s new teacher does before the new school year begins. It was rare that I ever knew who my teacher was going to be, but I imagine this would have helped make the transition to a new school year easier.

I also liked that this book talked about old school things like writing letters, penmanship, and waiting for the mail carrier. I’d highly recommend it to anyone dealing with a friend moving away, or just starting a new school year (especially 3rd grade).

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