today we made pie

We signed up for a cooking class at Sur La Table a couple of weeks ago. The class was this morning. It was on pie and ice cream. It turns out that we were the only ones to sign up (it is a major holiday weekend) , so essentially we had a private class with a chef and an assistant. How cool is that?

It also turned out that the chef who was scheduled to teach, had an emergency, so we ended up being taught by the chef who is taking over for the woman who runs the show. She worked at the French Laundry. Call me impressed.

I actually learned something about my lovely new Cuisinart. It has a dough button. It isn’t just for bread dough or just the dough blade. With that button and the pulse button (and the blade), you can have perfect pie dough in less than 3 minutes (well, you need to chill it for an hour, of course). This little gem was worth more than the price of the class.

We made a ginger peach pie with an almond crumble topping and a nectarine and blackberry galette. We also made a strawberry mascarpone ice cream and a salted caramel ice cream. We didn’t have time to get the completely hard, but both were amazing.

Everything turned out great. I don’t normally recommend eating pie before it cools, but there are times to make exceptions.

It was a lot of fun. Of course, it was also a lot of work too.

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