carmageddon vs the outlaws

I never thought I would be able to relate to a freeway, but today I found myself thinking about the 405. If you haven’t heard, the 405 freeway will be shut down for 52 hours next weekend for a 10-mile stretch that runs from the 10 freeway to the 101 freeway. The locals have termed in “Carmageddon”.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for those unfamiliar with LA geography, that essentially makes getting in and out of the Valley a lot more difficult. The experts are advising people that if they must go out, to essentially go around it. They also expect that the result of that will be congestion across the entire Southland. Of course, they also predicted something similar would happen during the 1980 Olympics when LA had the best traffic on record.

As for how this is all about me, well, it would seem we have just been given our 9-days notice that the outlaws are coming to town. The plane should arrive at LAX about 15 hours into Carmageddon. On a good day, we are a solid hours drive to the airport. If the projections are correct, I’m guessing that drive could become a 2-4 hour trip. Funny how ripple effects work.

Thankfully our car is too small to pick up them up. But honestly how fun does it sound to be around someone who after a 12-hour plane ride, then spends another 2-4 hours in LA traffic?

But beyond that, I never look forward to these visits, just like I suspect the 405 freeway is not looking forward to the closure. Sure, it seems like a break, but the reality is they are taking out a bridge during those 52 hours. [Feel free to read into that what you would like.] Also, when it is over, I suspect there will be t-shirts proclaiming, “I survived Carmageddon”. Trust me that there have been times when I have wanted a t-shirt of my own after one of these visits.

Let the mother-in-law cleaning begin. I’ll try to think of Paris as I clear every surface of any trace of us.

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