making tea

The other day I was making iced tea as we are out of Tejava, and well, we do have quite a collection of tea (which annoys B’s father to no end). I have been drinking and making tea for as long as I can remember, but I never have had a mishap like this. It also happened while B was out running an errand, and these days it is unusual for me to be alone.

I was going to make some loose peach tea, so I decided to get out my Tevana tea brewer, which was still packed in its box from our adventure in Berlin. I grabbed it off the top of the refrigerator and discovered that it was filled with Twinnings Earl Grey tea that I had bought in Berlin at the Galleries Lafayette when I had a moment of weakness.

Since I figured anything I made in the brewer would taste like Earl Grey, I changed my mind about the peach, and used four of the tea bags. After I had brewed the tea for a few minutes, I realized it was too hot to pour into the plastic pitcher, so reached into the dishwasher to retrieve the Pyrex measuring cup, so I could add some cold water to the pitcher first. I did this while I was holding the brewed hot tea in my other hand. Suddenly I felt the hot water running down my finger. Ouch!

I managed to put the brewer on the counter without spilling any more, and quickly ran to the sink to put my finger under cold water. I knew things were bad when the cold water didn’t feel cold. I used my other fingers to check the temperature, and indeed, cold water was coming out of the tap.

I tried not to panic, and figured I needed ice water to get the temperature of my finger down. Just taking it away from the water stung.

I got a tall glass and filled it with ice and cold water from the dispenser. Then I sat down and submerged my finger. Even this didn’t feel all that cold. But thankfully it didn’t look like there was any blistering.

After close to 30 minutes of soaking my finger (and changing the water twice), I got some unguatine lotion from the drawer in the kitchen and applied it. I also found a little first aid kit that had one package of gauge left. Oh and our bottle of Excedrin, which expired a couple of months ago, was in the same drawer. I took one to help with the pain. I also drank about a liter of water.

We planned on having pizza for dinner. I wasn’t sure how I was going to roll out the dough, but then remembered we had about 500 disposable plastic gloves (safe for food) in another drawer in the kitchen. I felt like the lunch lady, but it worked.

Amazingly, by the end of the night the pain was gone. And when I removed the gauge, you couldn’t tell that anything had happened to my finger. I feel really lucky.

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