this feels like moving

B’s parents are on a plane headed in our direction as I write this. It is almost 2:30 in the morning. I can’t sleep. There is still too much to do.

I’ve been sorting and cleaning and clearing for a week. I’ve even put stuff into boxes. I fear I will never find anything again.

There is a closet under the stairs that we refer to as the Harry Potter room. A couple of years ago there was a leak under the house. The source was under that closet. There actually is a door under the carpet that leads to where all the pipes in the house come together.

The result was that everything that was in the HP room, got moved to the open space under the staircase. It has sat there ever since. It has bothered me. I pass it several times a day. I think it is blocking our “chi”.

So I decided this would be a great opportunity to move that stuff. I am so dumb sometimes. I mean where was I thinking I was going to put it? Certainly not back in the HP room.

I actually just went in there an hour ago and discovered the closet dryer I put in there has pretty much overflowed. I had it on a box, but this is not something you want to discover sometime after midnight when your in-laws are on a plane, less than twelve hours from arriving.

Did I mention all the boxes?! And that I can’t sleep? Oh, and there are ants.

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