and they are gone

Well, for a week, anyway.

Watching them pack would probably be amusing to some. They seem very busy, and there was much going up and down the stairs. Others might get tired watching. Me? I was getting itchy.

This morning they had to pack all the food in the fridge and freezer that they bought halfway across the planet. It was going to embark on another 3000 mile journey, but needed to go into the suitcase at just the right time. They didn’t take the oranges though.

Then the shuttle service called to let them know the driver was on his way. They were told he would arrive within fifteen minutes. It was seriously like watching two anxious dogs that could not sit still, but you couldn’t tell if they thought they were going to the vet or the butcher shop.

And then despite checking the weather in New York – where there is currently an epic heatwave in progress – one of them left wearing a long sleeve wool sweater, that must have been in the back of a closet. This was I’m sure because it can get cold on the plane, but what about when you arrive?

I’ve landed at JFK after dark during a heatwave. It may be slightly cooler, but it is still hot and sticky and it feels like you cannot breathe.

Now if i could just breathe. The energy in here is still bad.

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