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making tea

The other day I was making iced tea as we are out of Tejava, and well, we do have quite a collection of tea (which annoys B’s father to no end). I have been drinking and making tea for as … Continue reading

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I wish there weren’t ants in the bathroom. I wish they weren’t the furry kind that bite. I really would just like to pee in peace.

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carmageddon vs the outlaws

I never thought I would be able to relate to a freeway, but today I found myself thinking about the 405. If you haven’t heard, the 405 freeway will be shut down for 52 hours next weekend for a 10-mile … Continue reading

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closing cherry season

Cherry season is just about over, so we picked up two more pounds of plump red beauties at Whole Foods this weekend. I made a pie with them today. I like Martha’s recipe that appeared in Everyday Food a few … Continue reading

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happy half anniversary to us

Today marks our 2 1/2 year wedding anniversary. I’m trying to convince him that the traditional gift is a pony.* ______________________________ *And myself that the reason the pony hasn’t arrived is that ponies don’t like fireworks.

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july 4 1976

I don’t really remember it, but my family went to the festivities in Liberty Park, and watched the fireworks with the Statue of Liberty as the backdrop. America was 200 years old; I was eight. My mother was enthralled by … Continue reading

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today we made pie

We signed up for a cooking class at Sur La Table a couple of weeks ago. The class was this morning. It was on pie and ice cream. It turns out that we were the only ones to sign up … Continue reading

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like pickle juice on a cookie

I just finished reading, Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie. I just adore the title. As a kid who packed her own lunch, this happened to me from time to time, and it sucked. The book is about an 8-year … Continue reading

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