no one likes flat soda

I think this story exemplifies the craziness that I have put up with for the last couple of weeks. The other evening, B’s father decided to have a can of root beer with his dinner and share it with his wife (who asked for water, but that is another craziness entirely). What could be wrong with that you ask?

In theory, nothing. But the next morning, I came down to the kitchen and opened the fridge and guess what I found staring at me? I’ll give you a moment to ponder.

Would you be shocked if I said there on the bottom shelf was the open can of root beer with about two sips of soda inside? No really, there it was.

There was a part of me that wanted to make them drink it and watch, but anyone can drink a sip of something. See: cough syrup.

But here is where it gets really good. When we went to dinner the next night, they also ordered a soda (to share – again, another story for another time). After a few sips, B’s mother announced that it tasted funny. She called the waiter over and explained that the soda seemed flat.

He gladly took the glasses away, and said that it might be time to change the cartridge. He promptly returned with more soda, which you could tell was visibly fizzy. I now had proof that they did not like flat soda.

As for the can of root beer, B threw it out. He emptied the soda into  the sink and put the can in the recycling. They never said a word. But really, why couldn’t they do that themselves?

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