a thanksgiving primer

Thanksgiving is now less than a week away, and it seems like everyone is worried about the turkey. Really though, thanks to technology, cooking a turkey is easier than ever. There is just so much info and help out there. Websites, videos and Turkey hotlines are ready to assist.

If you think about, there really are only three major things that can spell disaster for your turkey: 1) Your oven malfunctions; 2) You drop it; or 3) The family pet gets to the table first. Beyond that, most problems are preventable.

If you are worried about the turkey not thawing, and having to call the pizza man, you can get a fresh turkey. They are easier to find, and while more expensive than frozen, may be worth it if you are concerned, or find yourself at the grocery store on Tuesday.

Another common problem is cooking the turkey with the neck and other parts inside. My mother did this the first time she cooked a turkey (before I was born) and they ended up having pizza. The good news is that all you need to do now in most cases is reach in the cavity and pull out a bag. No more guessing if you got everything, especially when you aren’t sure exactly what is in there in the first place.

Finally, no one one wants to bring a turkey to the table that is raw or overcooked. If you don’t get a turkey with a button that pops to let you know it is done, all you need is a meat thermometer. These are easy to find, and not too pricey. Again, a few dollars to ensure everyone enjoys their meal.

So now as long a your oven starts, you lock up your dog, and you remember to support the bottom of the pan, all should be well. Of course, there are still those challenging guests to worry about – if you must.

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