of thanksgivings past

I have to be honest and say that I don’t really remember many things about Thanksgivings past, but the one I do remember is the probably the first where I was completely in charge. I was still in college and came home on Wednesday morning to get things started.

I didn’t have a car, so I took the library bus from UCI to UCLA. And here is where it literally started on the wrong foot.

If you have ever been to the campus, you may have seen this long tall staircase on the grounds. I think there are about five flights of stairs that go straight down (or up, depending on where you are standing). I was excited and full of energy and skipped down those stairs, finding a good, steady pace. As I was almost to the bottom, my shoe went flying off. And really, I should have landed on my head. But here is where it got interesting.

At the bottom on the staircase was a bench. And on that bench was another student. He was sitting there reading, but saw what was happening and managed to reach out and stopped my fall. It truly was amazing.

I thanked him, stopped to catch my breath, and tried to ignore my ankle which I had twisted. I had a dinner to make. People were coming to my house. It was all on me.

I walked to the bus stop, which was about a quarter mile from the staircase. With each step, I could feel my ankle swelling up. But nothing was going to stop me. My first stop was the mall to buy two more wine glasses so that everything matched.

After obtaining said glasses, I caught the bus home. I still had to go grocery shopping. I checked on my ankle. It was swelling like a water balloon, and walked over to Ralph’s.

I am pretty sure I took a taxi back to the house. There is no way I carted the turkey home, foot swelling or not. My plan was to start on the pies, but at this point I was worn out and needed to stop.

I soaked my foot in ice water. That helped a bit. I decided I had to give in, and put my foot up. The pies would have to wait until morning.

I was up at the crack of dawn, and got to work. My ankle was still swollen, but I tried to ignore it. I got the turkey in the oven and also made a pie or two, along with all the sides. Honestly, I have no idea how I did it. That is the power of being young, I guess.

I do remember someone coming into the kitchen and gasping at the sight of my foot. Standing on it, and running around  had not helped. I said I was fine and got back to work.

It is true that youth is wasted on the young.

on the night stand:  I Want My Hat Back

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